Things to do in Milwaukee, WI at night

If you are new to Milwaukee, making a plan for a night out may be a challenge at first. But as you will soon discover, this city is alive after the sun goes down. There is always something going on and people here are quite friendly. It is only a matter of time before you will be inviting your friends from other cities to come and enjoy the nightlife of Milwaukee.
In this guide, we will point out a few fun things you can enjoy at night.
1. Live jazz at Cathedral Square Park
Every Thursday evening, about 15, 000 people descend upon the Cathedral Square Park to hear live Jazz music. Check out the listings and plan an easy evening downtown with your friends and let them enjoy the beautiful music in the heart of the city. The concerts run until the end of August and usually happen between 6 and 9 pm.
2. Dance away the night
If you have two left feet and enjoy watching others dance, head out to Kochanski’s Concertina Bar on Wednesdays for polka jams. Watch the jams and enjoy Polish Beer.
Do you dance the Tango or Salsa? If yes, head down to Hot Water Wherehouse for a fun evening of Latin dances. If you are interested to learn, get there early for a few free lessons.
3. Be Entertained
If you would rather sit back and be entertained, there are several options in the city. Hamburger Mary’s is a famous drag show. The over the top makeups, get-ups and Texas-style wigs will be fun to watch with a tasty mac n cheese.
Fancy some Middle Eastern food? Head over to Casablanca On Brady to gobble some exotic delicacies and enjoy belly dancing on Fridays.
Want a fun drinking game? Check out the Boozy Bard Productions when they play their Romeo and Juliet. The director will give out the rules of the game before the play begins.
Opera On Tap is another fun place to visit to hear some local talent sing. Their food and drinks are good too.
4. Have a laugh
Milwaukee has an excellent Stand-up comedy scene. Var Gallery is an art gallery by the day and a comedy central on the weekends. You get to hear some of the funniest locals as they bring their best acts together.
Turner Hall Ballroom and The Pabst Theater are two other places where you can enjoy the giggles. The Pabst Theater attracts big-name stand-up comics like Dave Chapelle, Tracy Morgan, etc. Expect to pay big bucks, but you get to watch some of the best comedians in America.
5. Best Electronic music
SITE 1A is a newly opened nightclub that plays the best electronic dance music in Milwaukee. It has hosted big-name DJs like Zeds Dead, DJ Abilities, etc. The crowd is young and they dance till late. So if you are in the mood to bust some moves, head out to Site 1A, else you can always listen to Free Jazz at the Cathedral Square Park.