Pride Fest: Celebrating Gay Pride in Milwaukee

Once a year the citizens of Milwaukee, Wisconsin join together to put on one of the world’s most epic LGBT festivals in existence – Pride Fest. Pride Fest is the world’s largest LGBT festival and actually benefits from a permanent ground in Milwaukee. If you want to celebrate your pride in style and experience a gathering like no other, then why not give Pride Fest a try and travel to Milwaukee for the festivities! We provide a comprehensive guide for those wishing to visit Pride Fest – enjoy!

What is Pride Fest Milwaukee all about?

The LBGT community and gay couples in Milwaukee have been celebrating their individuality and culture for many years. First instances of LGBT celebrations can be traced back to 1974 when the Gay People’s Union Ball was held. This was just the first of many events to take place and in 88’, a weeklong celebration was held by the Gay and lesbian community of the city. From this point, the city has always held rallies and events for the LGBT community which culminated in the epic Pride Fest.


Early iterations of the festival were held at Juneau Park but this location was soon outgrown and Pride Fest is now held at the Henry W. Maier Festival Park. This park can be found in the historic third ward off of route 794 in the coastal regions of the city. If you are driving, you can find plenty of parking surrounding the park but prices may vary. Alternatively, if you are traveling and are stopping in accommodation within the city, a shuttle bus service is actually held.


Whilst you can get involved in the various activities happening within Milwaukee during this time, you must purchase tickets to enter the festival. The good news, however, is that there is one ticket that covers admission to everything – every stage and activity. Current prices can be seen below:

– Single Day Ticket – $18.00

– Single Day VIP Ticket – $100.00

– 4 Day Weekend Ticket – $39.00

– 4 Day Weekend VIP Ticket – $250.00

Children under 13 can get in free, as can both active and ex-military service personnel.

What to expect from the fantastic Pride Fest in Milwaukee?

Pride Fest is just a fantastic and joyous celebration and you can expect to be overwhelmed with the fun that can be had here. Throughout the years, the music aspect of the festival has attracted some top bands and artists but there is so much more than just the musical performances.

Entertainment areas

The festival has a plethora of different areas that have specific activities and we have listed some of the main ones below:

– Dance Pavilion: DJ performances and epic dance music – Miler Lite Mainstage: Main musical performances

– Children & Family stage: packed full of kids activities and suitable entertainment

– Pride Fit: Fitness themed entertainment including yoga and dance lessons – South End Sports Zone: try out your sporting skills with the professionals! – Youth Area: activities and entertainment for those under 24 – Stonewall Stage: LGBT discussions and performances – Pride Fest History Building: Info and collections about the history of the festival

From the 7th of June through to the 10th these different areas will be a hive of activity and you can expect loads to see and do. For full information, it is advisable to visit the official Pride Fest website for current schedules and performing acts.

Aside from these areas, there is also the awesome marketplace where you can buy snacks, food, drink and even do a little shopping. You can purchase anything from tacos and cookies to pretzels, pizza, and donuts – there is something for everyone’s tastes!

Pride Fest Milwaukee really is an amazing celebration of the LGBT community and one of the best of its kind in the United States of America. If you love music and the festival atmosphere then this is the place to be in June! Why not have a look on the official Pride Fest website for more info, or check out YouTube to see some gay porn videos of the festivities – you will not be disappointed!